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jtimagesm2Who Is John Tracy Wilson?
A husband of 31+ years, a parent for over 23 and a father of two self-assured, confident daughters, he is just an unpretentious guy with an undeniable ability to break through our walls and reach us right where we are – to clearly convey he knows what we are going through because he has been there. His unassuming nature allows him to share his experiences and the insights he has learned in life in an uninhibited manner. His purpose is to build stronger families and friendships within our communities. After all, isn’t life all about relationship? The legacy we leave behind when we depart this earth is really in the quality of our relationships.

His core mission is to impact his audiences, giving them the tools necessary to create stronger relationships, build positive lasting legacies and to experience a greater quality of life.

His journey started with his music and in his songwriting, sharing his experiences with life, love and family transparently and honestly through his lyrics.  He takes his music to real people living real life, showing them they are not alone on their journey (more at www.johntracymusic.com). Through interacting with his audiences, he realized they identified with his message.

From this, his desire to author a book was born.  He knew he had more to offer than he could craft into a song.  So he set out on this new course, adding Author to his credits and wrote Of Life, Love and Family,” a timely book of real world insights into our most important relationships.  His intention is to help bring to all of our relationships greater depth and meaning by openly sharing his experiences and the insights he has learned along the way.   If he helps you leave a greater lasting legacy, then his goal and mission have been accomplished.

Visit John’s SECURE ONLINE STORE to purchase your copy or download on your favorite e-reader!

Posted December 6, 2011 by JohnTracy

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